"Keep them down, keep them divided, keep them distracted". 

Good people, by nature, are exploitable by selfish people. Good people are passive, tolerant, forgiving, trusting, and giving. These are all reasons why good people allow selfish people to control unjust systems.


Global monetary systems are complex and not transparent. They are controlled by selfish people. They are used as tools to steal value, not exchange it.

They utilize money to represent and exchange value. Money has no intrinsic value.  There is no way for a user of the system to establish that the money was originally produced by an equal amount of exchanged value. Those who control the system have proven that they abuse the system. There is no doubt of that. But they operate with impunity, protected by laws that assess no individual punishment, but merely serve to distribute some percentage of the ill-gotten gains to the government.

The basis for our tolerance of such systems, begins with   a hijacked and distorted belief system, focused on selfish principles which rationalize and glorify a baseless grounds for ownership and excess. Good people follow and adhere to such beliefs primarily because there seems to be no other option. Not because they agree with the principles. 


Those who control the monetary systems, commonly control news and media systems as well. So it is no surprise that people are fed deceitful information about the nature of the world and those around them, which is specifically shaped to divide, shift blame, and create conflict.


The ultimate goal is always the same. To separate. People are not independent creatures. We are communal by nature. We receive years of care from others before we can even begin to take care of ourselves. We need to be a part of the group.  Information is taken at face value because we have observed that adopting what we are told, is a prerequisite for social acceptance. Even if it is not believed or corroborated by experience. Understanding is not a necessary component. Just the ability to receive and repeat. 

Ultimately, good people tolerate and use these systems because they feel powerless. They are convinced that these systems are unchangeable. Many are aware of the problems. Many people fully understand that these systems only exist to benefit the small groups who control them. And though good people greatly outnumber the selfish, because they are deprived and divided, they do not see it as worthwhile to attempt to fight the system. So they surrender to it.

Ultimately, for change to occur, there needs to be a widespread and concurrent rejection of the entrenched systems. Good people need to communicate, corroborate, and commit to defeating them. Cryptocurrency is one of the strongest, and most viable weapons to accomplishing such a thing. 

Is it the only way? Honestly, I cannot say. It may be, it may not be. History has shown a continual pattern of selfish people controlling good people, until a point the good people revolt, take back the power, which slowly returns to the selfish people.  However, we are at a point in history that has never been seen before. Good people now have the tools and methods to organize and communicate without borders or censorship.


Crypto, and Art, make such a thing possible. One brings people together using the power of voice and creative expression. One fights to protect, secure, and validate information. 

This project aims to leverage those strengths. To safeguard and bring awareness to information, using the protective qualities of crypto, and the connective qualities of art.

This project is a collection of 1500 NFTs. Each is a reason, reminder, and record. Each has value and utility because there is value in the information contained, not because of manufactured rarity, manipulated prices, or fake community or support. There is value in presenting and keeping the information protected and in a common collection, while being owned by a widespread and diverse group of people. 

If you don’t see the value, or just don’t get it, well……. you probably are NGMI. But for any of us to make it, we first have to break it. 


Refer to the welcome packet. It’s in the job description. 


Look up. Not left or right.. 


Look up. Not left or right.. 


I don’t know how it happened. I just know it cannot be fixed. Before we all make it, we all gotta break it. 


0.0 2 1 14 11 19 eth. (+ Gas)  

0.0-B-A-N-K-S ( Get it?)

Value & Utility

Value is a measure of the benefit or the importance of something. Utility is a matter of usefulness. This is a collection of meme jpegs, paired with actual court summaries highlighting 1500 times banks were really bad.  If you just don’t get it, or don’t understnd the value and the utility, I actually took the time to explain it. (Just trying to pick up some of the slack for the Boss)



Value is a measure of benefit or worth. There is a stark difference between realized value and perceived value. Perceived value is an expectation of profit. Realized value is actual benefit gained. My intention is to put real value back into the ecosystem. Each NFT is a record of financial corruption that would otherwise have stayed buried and out of sight. Each NFT contains valuable information that exposes our enemy, factually, and irrefutably. Each NFT has an awesome blockheaded bankster jpeg, along with the information, and both are safeguarded by the power of cryptography. Each NFT utilizes the  reach that art brings.  to help spread awareness and get the truth in front of people’s eyes. I can’t determine the value for you. But for me, it seemed like the best use of the technology and the medium, in order to actually create the most value and utility.  

Banksters has....

  • Real crypto art.
  • Real crypto artist.
  • Real intentions.
  • Real information
  • Real purpose and utility
  • Real originality
  • Real potential

Banksters doesn't have......

  • Fake intentions
  • Fake or manufactured rarity.
  • Fake team.
  • Fake followers
  • Fake art
  • Fake volume
  • Fake value



Consider a gun. A gun is a complex, precisely engineered system with a specific purpose. The purpose is to propel a projectile at a high rate of speed, to disable an opponent or target. It is finely crafted and engineered for that function. It can’t be altered or fixed to fulfill a totally different purpose.


Imagine you just shot someone. A gun cannot reverse or repair the damage. It can’t stop the bleeding. You cannot alter it, fix it, or repurpose it. It will never turn into a towel, or a belt. It doesn’t possess any of the fundamental building blocks or materials. The monetary system, from the ground up, is a complex system with only one purpose. For the people who control it, to take value from the people who don’t.  Think of how a bank makes money. Is there are a good or a service they are providing that creates benefit or value for people? No. A bank makes money one of two ways. Through  “market inefficiency. All of it’s functions run contrary to things that are intrinsically good and beneficial. 

So…. what’s the deal. Are you going to help? Or do you really only care about getting in a good flip and making money. Chances are, you probably care about both. That’s the crux that comes from everyone having given in to their system. We have willingly accepted that our live has to be lived with a primary focus on something we really don’t intrinsically care about.


Almost all of us are good, you know. We live for life, not for things. You, me, and pretty much everyone else. We all know there is something wrong with the way the world is. The fucking mystery is why we are all such pussies and don’t do anything to change it. 

Seriously.  It’s time to stop being a pussy. To stop looking at everything as though it’s a personal attack. People are different. People come from different lives. People express themselves differently. Am I being unkind to you? Am I being hateful? No. I’m being resilient and proud of, and with, my intentions. I obviously care about you. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t still be typing and you wouldn’t still be reading.  


I’m just trying to prove a point, because they are so focused on trying to discourage and minimalize it. But you and I? Our intentions are the fucking same. We want to live our life without suffering and in a way that aligns with our intrinsic nature. That’s ALL THAT MATTERS.  Me insinuating you are a pussy, even though I have no way of knowing who is reading this, is obviously not a personal attack on you. It’s a rebellious way of telling my enemy I’m done playing their game. 


Maybe the word pussy is empowering to me, you don’t know, it might be. Getting caught up in all the other bullshit is why this world is still run by greedy swine who steal 98% of our collective potential and awesomeness. Direct everything AT THEM. Because they are the real problem. Cool? Cool. I knew you were cool. 


So you are down, right? I’m not joking either. I have a real plan. A plan that is actually going to work. I can’t prove to you that it will, nor can I prove to you that I am intelligent, or that I am not completely delusional. All I can do is try my best to make it clear that I really do believe it is worth it, and that it will be successful. . And of course, I can share the plan with you. It’s not something we even have to hide from the enemy. 


So why don’t I just post it here, right? Well, because it’s important to me that when you hear it, you have the opportunity to directly challenge it or question it. Because that is the way you are most likely to believe in it. If I simply posted it, you could read it, pick it apart with a weighted bias, and I would be unable to counter any of your critiques. If you want to hear it, all you have to do is engage me directly on twitter or discord. I’d love for you to go over it with me. I am certain you have some tricks up your sleeve too. You obviously have a couple of gears left in your mind that were cut for rebellion, and they are still creaking along at least a little bit. Once again, if you didn’t, you wouldn’t still be reading.


Anyway, you can be a part of it if you want to be. I am not going to require anyone have to buy an NFT or anything of that nature. If you want to mint an NFT, and you want to help safeguard real, factual information, and help spread a real, valuable message, I am deeply appreciative. However, all you need to join forces is intention and a willingness to start believing in the real power of good. 


We are going to start a chain of events that is going to end up causing a worldwide revolution. It will inspire the people of this earth to take back what belongs to all of us. It will turn the entire system on its head, and for the first time in a long time, people will wake up wanting to live their life.   


Tell me, 

Why can’t we? 

Why shouldn’t we? 

If you can give me a solid answer to either of those questions, I’ll mint you a bankster and send it to you free of charge. Otherwise, I’ll be waiting for you whenever you are ready. 


We all are gonna make it. 

But first, we all have to break it. 

Satoshi was careful with his words. He had one goal: to empower and protect humanity from that which sought to control and repress it. He understood the nature of good people and bad people. He understood that good people are exploitable: by their needs and by their nature.


Bitcoin was built as a weapon, and as a shield. It was intended to defeat an enemy. And that enemy was irrefutably marked in the very first block. A block which satoshi chose to name and code differently than any other. Though he said few words, those he did say, carry weight.


To understand Satoshi’s intentions; we need only look at his choices, his actions, and their implications. I am certain that Satoshi had a specific goal. I am certain that goal was more important to him anything else. Nothing about his goal, or his actions, involved himself. There is no reason to believe that Satoshi was anything less than a selfless creator who sought to empower and protect good, from that which wasn’t. This is a statement that I will hold and attest as truth, because I am certain that this truth will be proven in the lack of any sound refute.


Facts require the definitions of humans to be established. Truth does not. Truth stands on its own. It is not evidenced by fact, but by the deafening lack of sound contest when it lays itself bare before any and all who wish to challenge it. It is just and fair in itself; there is no opponent to successfully challenge truth in open forum.


I know who Satoshi is because he revealed his truth. A person is not revealed in their identity. The level to which actions and intentions (what we do and what we say) are in congruence, reveals character. Our character is who we are. Identity is not.


Satoshi was a doer, so it is easier to know his truth. He was a person of action. Satoshi understood that without action, there is no good. Without work, words are empty. The words he used, all had use. They had a purpose. He chose specific words to describe the system he developed. For instance, Proof of “Work” is intentional.

Work represents effort. Work has purpose. Work is the addition of “good”.  A system that is proven through the work is a system that is proven by good. It is built upon good work (input that produced a positive result). It is sustained by, and it works, for good. 


The direct work that is put in, through solving each block, has a purpose. It’s purpose is to safeguard, protect, and record the transference of value that represents the product of work. Whether from inside the system or outside of it. Money, in it’s own right, and in a fair system, is meant to represent the value of work.

This will sound redundant, but please read this carefully, I don’t know a better way to relay the implications. The system is built to only work, if there is a continual input of work. It only works, if there is good put in.  The purpose of the system, is to protect and safeguard a record of even more work, work that has occurred inside, or outside the system, and is represented in a quantifiable, numerical representation as bitcoin. 

If there is not continual good work put into the system, the system doesn’t function. If there is no value placed on the functions and purpose of the system, there will be no use for it, and it will fall apart.

It is designed to fall apart without continual proof that a positive outcome is being achieved (blocks being solved). It is built to work only when there is sufficient work put in, and the greater the amount of work put in, the stronger the system becomes.  

There appears to be no indication that the system can be used for destruction. If it is not used for good, it doesn’t work. The system, therefore, is the product of a creator. 

A creator is not merely a producer of something new.  What a creator makes, also supports the ethos of creation; it produces and sustains, and does not destroy or take more than what it adds. 

If it destroys, or takes more than it adds, it is not the product of a creator. It may be the product of an inventor, a producer, or a manipulator. But it is not the product of a creator. A creator brings forth that which challenges the forces that destroy. A creator makes something that is inherently and intrinsically good. 


A creator is by definition; good. Good gives more than it takes.  A creator is known not through his identity, through words, through status, or through attestations by others. A creator is known and proven by the self-sustainment of the creation. A creator is evidenced through the proof that what is created works and benefits, without taking or destroying. Creation is the consequence of true, selfless work. And it is proven by itself. 

 Men can change the way the work is used, they can change the way the work is perceived, but they cannot change the purpose or the design of the system. Nor can they alter the system for destruction.

So why is this all important? Because Humanity is in flux. Humanity overwhelmingly sides with good, and chooses good, but lacks the wisdom to discriminate and determine how to protect and fight for the product of it’s good work. The understanding of good by Humanity, is incomplete. And therefore, it is exploitable. Exceedingly so in a resource controlled system. 


Here are some observations about Good people. These assumptions are based on nature and observation. If you don’t agree with it, or don’t get it, one of us is probably wrong. The thing is, if I am wrong,   Good people value experience over things. Good people endure and tolerate before they will fight or engage in conflict. Good people prefer to give rather than take. Good people use rather than withhold. Good people prefer purposeful work rather than wasteful effort. 


All of the aforementioned aspects make good people highly exploitable in a resource controlled environment. Resources are the necessary things which are needed by all to continue existing. Generally, resources are not of primary concern by most who are good, because they were by nature, always plentiful. The system that existed provided the necessary resources. 


A creator is not merely a producer of something new.  What a creator makes, also supports the ethos of creation; it produces and sustains, and does not destroy or take more than what it adds.  If it destroys, or takes more than it adds, it is not the product of a creator. It may be the product of an inventor, a producer, or a manipulator. But it is not the product of a creator. A creator brings forth what which challenges the forces that destroy. A creator makes something that is inherently and intrinsically good. 


 A creator is not known or proven through their identity, words, status, or attestations of others. A creator is known and proven through the effectiveness of what is created. A creator is proven in their work. The work of a creator furthers their intention, because the intention of a creator is ALWAYS good.  The work is the proof. We can attempt to change the way the work is used, we can attempt to change the way the work is perceived, but we cannot change the nature of the work, nor what it does.  


Resources are also our reminder that we do not sustain ourselves, we are not a product of ourselves. We did not bring ourselves into existence, and all that are here, are only here by the work, gifts, and efforts of the whole. We did not bring ourselves. Our life was given to us.

Please bear in mind, that what I wish to express today, is the product of more than I can express. That what I wish to express will not be perfectly, nor presented in a way that is perfectly received. We are all a product of experience and what we hear and feel is often different

This is why I stress that in life, in our interactions with others, seek more than the words and the way they are read. Seek the intentions. Draw differences not by the things we cannot control, like our identity, but that which we can; our intentions

The second way good people are exploitable is by their nature. The first was by their needs (resources). Good people trust before they suspect. They enjoy the game, not the score. They would rather be in awe, and in wonder, than in control. And they will forgive, not begrudge.

All of these aspects, make good people highly exploitable, and willing to tolerate and endure injustice, without planning for the need to fight, or to protect their goodness.

This is why throughout history, there is a pattern of a large group of good people being controlled by a few bad people. Good people would sooner forget and wipe the slate, than hold contempt in their hearts and seek revenge. Good people are averse to the seeds of true evil.

But all of these things are why humanity is beautiful, and resilient, and powerful, and why our nature is now exploited in such a way as to hide these truths about us. All that we are shown and exposed to, comes from a system which seeks to control us from finding what we are.

Satoshi understood all of this. He understood how exploitable good people are. And he understood how far the reach of the bad can go to obfuscate that which is good. It is why bitcoin was built the way it is. And It is why he chose certain characteristics for the genesis block.

He could not be overt in his goals or intentions which is why he was careful to never state them directly. In its early days, bitcoin was less in need of attention from advocates, than avoiding attention of its enemies. But he would not build a weapon, without marking an enemy.

Most people are aware of the message that Satoshi encoded into the time stamp code. “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks” The intent here, may seem obvious. But he included much more that indicated the weight on the importance of these words.

Satoshi named block 0, in the original source code, as the “genesis” block. This block was mined six days before the next. The seven days passage from creation to implementation, combined with the name of the block, is hard to ignore. But was it about religion, or was it deeper…

First, we must remove our assumptions and trust that he would reveal his intentions. He was too careful not to. It mattered to much to him to leave us without direction. So once again, look not just to the words, but to the intentions. The book of genesis begins by separation.

The book of genesis is not wrought with ideology. Nor is it wrought with professions of control or decrees by an omniscient ruler. It is a story of an artist. It is a story of the nature of existence. It lays the foundation for what is good, and the counterpart to good.

Light and dark are identified, and separated. Light is identified as good. Dark is both the necessary consequence, and requirement, for the existence of good. Good exists to overcome that which isn’t. Good exists to fill (light) that which has no form (void/emptiness)

Every part of the story lays the foundation, not for a narrative of domination or judgement, but one of creation and giving for the purpose of overcoming emptiness.

It tells a story that all that exists, comes as a product from what was created before it. That all goodness flows from giving, and that to understand the nature of the system, and it’s intention, the basis for that system must be clear and understood.

These themes and intentions are reinforced through more characteristics of the genesis block. Every block, a miner receives a reward for the effort that is put in to the system. In the genesis block; that reward was hard coded to never be spent.

Little known is that Satoshi did not call the entirety of the system a block chain. He referred to it as a time chain. And he described it as a tree like structure. Not a chain of blocks.

Satoshi described it this way because the entire system is built from roots that are good. The roots strengthen the tree. Good strengthens good. Life begets life. Good roots are necessary for a strong tree, but the tree can still perish if it is torn down before it is strong enough to withstand attack.

Furthermore, he most important message yet found in the genesis block is what was included in the coinbase transaction. This is an area where the miner can include some message or bit of information when the block is recorded. In this part, satoshi hid the original message, only reversed.

The implications of the original message, in reverse, in the coinbase transaction, is immense. When all other aspects are considered, this serves as a warning, as a plea, and as a definitive assertion of his intentions. It says: Others who use the system will distort the message

It legitimizes his original message, and it casts a warning about any who will try to distort or detract from that original message. Satoshi was nothing short of a perfect, selfless, good creator. The true depth to what the system can do for good, is past the conveyance of words.

But I will try. The beauty of what he created is that it is both a weapon and a shield. It returns to us the power of our goodness, growing more powerful as it is used, and put to use, for all. Then, it does what we cannot, holding permanent record and accountability to those who are bad.

Satoshi left us, but he did not leave us unprepared. He gave us everything we needed, things that are not in our nature, but that will empower us and protect us from those who wish to exploit us. But the proof, will always be in the work. Not in his work, but ours. Its up to us.

There is little more I can express about Satoshi’s intentions and goals, without taking more liberty with assumptions, and potentially disrespecting a person who was so precise and careful in establishing what was, and was not, important to him. The next statement is my own….

Humanity is overwhelmingly good. Humanity is so good, that billions can be controlled by dozens, and pushed to the edge of survival, before we begin to resort to actions which do not align with our intrinsic composition.

This is worsened and made possible to such extremes because our most basic beliefs have been hijacked. We accept inherently irrational unjust systems as unchangeable. Most of them, we have been trained to perceive them as righteous or fair. We have been taught to be prideful of characteristics, rather than character… We are sensitive to ego, perceiving all manner of things as personal attacks, but no longer sensitive to the suffering of others.

It’s time to fight with the weapons and the defenses we have been given. In the original message, there are three parties identified. The media, the government, and the banks. The significance we can safely infer from this, is that all three have accountability to some level.

The dilemma is one that has left me often in the grips of panic attacks, and sleepless nights…. how can we overcome a system that we can so easily see the flaws within, but are entirely dependent upon for our survival and existence.

I believe that establishing the intent behind those who have control over the system is the point to attack. I believe that if we work together to irrefutably establish bad intent, we will have an axis point to rally behind together to defeat it.

The six largest mass media (news) entities in the united states are for profit companies, that are majority held by financial institutions. So it is of no surprise, that information which highlights negative intent by financial institutions, is rarely presented in the news.

The purpose, the utility, and the value of this project is all contained ,

Art and crypto is a powerful combination. Art unifies. Art brings together and hurdles over that which separates because art, is by itself, an expression of humanity’s desire to create and express. (Things which are inherently good) Crypto can protect that voice and expression.